• Stone OwlsStone Owls
  • Stone Hedgehogs Stone Hedgehogs
  • More HedgehogsGalapagos Turtle
  • Galapagos TurtleGalapagos Turtle
  • Stone Swans Stone Swans
  • Stone PelicansPelicans
  • PenguinsPenguins
  • Stone Ducks Stone Ducks
  • Nesting DucksNesting Ducks
  • Great Blue Heron Great Blue Heron
  • Stone Crested Cranes Crested Cranes
  • Snowy Egrets Snowy Egrets
  • Stone Ibis Stone Ibis
  • Welcome RocksWelcome Rocks
  • In countries and cultures around the world, stone cairns have served as grave markers or as a means of ceremonial purpose. In modern times, cairns are often used as directional markers, usually on a mountain path or at a commemorative site. Because they so often point the way home, they represent safety, hope and friendship.
  • American Bullfrog 12", 24"Stone Bullfrog
  • Granite Birds 5"Stone Ibis
  • Granite Snail 36"Granite snails
  • Stone Mushrooms Stone Ibis
  • Stone TurtlesStone Turtles
  • Stone Penguins Stone Penguins
  • Boulder FrogsWelcome Rocks
  • Flamingos Stone Ibis
  • ElephantsStone Elephants
  • Shore Birds on PedestalShore Birds on Pedestal
  • DragonflyStone Dragonfly

Also Available: Stone Spiders, Roosters,
Hens, Chicks, Night Herons

For any questions on price, scheduling or the quality of our Natural Stone owls, stone hedgehogs, stone turtles, stone swans, stone pelicans, stone penguins, stone ducks, stone herons, stone cranes, stone egrets, stone ibis, welcome rocks, cairns, please call.

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