• Stone BenchesStone Benches
  • Stone BirdbathsStone Birdbaths
  • Mill StonesMill stones
  • Or Megaliths-ancient people erected these large, solitary standing stones to commemorate significant events. We have a great selection of these rustic stone columns, including a selection of steppers, ledge stone, slabs, block and boulders-most are weathered and lichen covered. A great addition to any land or gardenscape!
    InfoStanding StonesStanding stones
  • Stone ObelisksStone Obelisks
  • Oriental LanternsStone Oriental Lanterns
  • Stone AccentsStone Accents
  • Stone Table SetsStone Table Sets
  • Water FeaturesWater Features

For any questions on price, scheduling or the quality of our Natural Stone benches, birdbaths, millstones, standing stones, obelisks, natural stone oriental lanterns, water features, stone accents, or table sets, please call.

Address: 457 Wareham Street Middleboro, Massachusetts 02346. Phone: 508.947.5363

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